Timely Tidbits

Quotes to make you think!

“Can you imagine living in the modern world and being afraid to use the telephone? ‘Hello’ used to be hard for me to say. Those were difficult times for me. In times of difficulty or defeat, it’s easy to think that we really have no choices. That we are trapped. I know I felt that way.”
        ~ Annie Glenn, overcame an 85 percent stutter at age 53 to become a public speaker and supporter of people with speech difficulties.   


Empowering Equality

Hear Our Voice is a store that seeks to promote equality and amplify these perspectives through empowering messages and stylish designs. They have original art that supports feminism, human rights, justice, the LGBTQ community and just plain being kind to one another.  They produce their line of clothing and accessories in Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) factories. These factories are in social compliance with safe, lawful, humane and ethical manufacturing located throughout the world.  This includes the prohibition of child or forced labor, harassment or abuse. All employees are compensated with benefits too. www.hearourvoicestore.com


Durable Medical Goods Exchange

We are not accepting any durable medical goods at this time since it’s difficult to clean them. But we are distributing them. Explain your needs and our trained staff may know the perfect item that will help you!
James Pickard in Moscow 208-883-0523
Valerie Johnson in Idaho Falls 208-529-8610
Todd Wilder in Boise 208-336-3335