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Dear Miriam,

I’m on disability. I’m grateful for it, but it’s SSI, and all I get is $841 a month. Luckily, my SSI pays my rent, and I get some SNAP money for food. But this all isn’t a lot, and there’s zilch left for much else! Besides, I want to bring home a paycheck and buy stuff like other people! So what I REALLY want is a JOB. Places are even hiring now! Oh Happy Day! But wait a minute… Will I lose my $841 a month if I start working? Oh NO! What should I do, Miriam?


Dear Morrie,

It looks like you’ve figured out that it’s hard to do more than scrape by on SSI. But you CAN work part-time and get SSI, not the entire $841 a month, but some SSI. And the very BEST news is that your work income plus your reduced SSI will add up to more than the $841 in SSI you used to get! In fact, you’re better off working part-time and getting some SSI than if you don’t work at all and get full SSI!!! And you can keep your Medicaid!! And probably still get some SNAP too!But DO first talk to a benefits planner (like me) and find out exactly how much you can work at the job you want and keep some SSI. Good goin’, Morrie…


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