A Recital of Times Gone By

Have you ever wandered into a place and been transported back in time? This sensation comes over you so fast that it leaves you wondering if time stood still for those precious few moments of bliss. Then your jolted back into reality when someone bumps into you or starts talking to you. The cause of this feeling can come from a multitude of reasons, the smell of home cooked food, movies of old, or scenery just to name a few.

I’m sure that every adult over 30 has had a nostalgic experience in one form or another. But if not, I’ll try to explain it to you. It is said when this happens to you; you’re flooded with warmth and thoughts from your past years. To some, those feelings are so strong and vivid that one can actually see their past like a movie from one’s own thoughts. Because the virtue “joy” was reinstated back into your life, you’re state of being seems to be healed from present afflictions for the rest of the day, maybe even the rest of the year.

As you probably could tell the Holiday Season is upon us. A time of year for mankind to set aside their petty differences and to experience gratitude, thoughtfulness, spirit of giving, and reminisce. For some, these feelings gain more purchase as the season grows near. Deep inside you feel a stirring that turns into a bubbling sensation and before you know it the inner child in you awakens. Excitement grows and grows to the point you think that the air around you could ignite from the sparks generated from the act of just walking.

Ok, I may be just a skosh over zealous and allowed my writing to get carried away, but you see my point. The holiday season brings warmth and joy to all. What brought all this on for me was a trip to Hodgins Pharmacy. They have a wonderful toy selection there upstairs and down. It is said that they’re the Toys-R-Us of Moscow, Idaho. Just saying.

Well that’s all for me. I wish you all a Happy Holiday Season!