Advocacy Update

The League of Women Voters has always encouraged your opinion. Our Legislature is entering into the second half of the 2021 session and the pace will quicken. It is not always easy to keep track of what is going on. Something our League Advocacy Committee can attest to. Despite that, they are doing a fantastic job of keeping on top of new legislation. The Advocacy Committee has listed bills with League positions, principles, and visions. A weekly update can be emailed out with the advancement of these bills or new ones that are introduced.

Please contact your legislators or the chair of the committee which is considering the bill you are interested in. Remember, only the president speaks for the League, but your individual contact is important. You can also write a letter to the editor of your local paper.

Check out the two announcements here. One is an opportunity to learn how to use remote testimony. This is to keep people with disabilities safe, when in-person testimony is not guaranteeing COVID precautions like mask wearing. And it is also helpful if you live some distance away.

The other is an opportunity to learn about current legislation. It comes from an online meeting with District 5 legislators. If there is any such opportunity in other parts of the state, the league will be happy to pass it along.

If you have not already, please check out the How to Navigate the Legislative Website tutorial, it is located here:
Senate Bill S 1069
Description: Requires county clerks to contact voters who made mistakes on their absentee ballots to them by the election deadline

Bill status: This bill was passed by the Senate State Affairs Committee but may have a second reading there before going to the full Senate.

League recommends: Support  League position: In the Impact on Issues 2020-2022, “LWVUS promotes an open governmental system that is representative, accountable, and responsive. We encourage electoral methods that provide the broadest voter representation possible and are expressive of voter choices. Whether for single or multiple contests, the League supports electoral methods that: Maximize effective votes/minimize wasted votes.”

Senate Bill S 1110

Description: Requires signatures of at least 6% of qualified electors in all 35 of Idaho’s legislative districts for ballot initiative or referendum petitions. Current law requires 6% from only 18 of the 35 legislative districts and at least 6% of voters statewide.

Bill status: This bill will receive a hearing in the Senate State Affairs Committee

League recommends: Oppose – The League encourages and promotes citizen-led efforts to take part in our government, including getting initiatives on the ballot for all voters to vote on. This bill makes it much more difficult for any citizen-led group to propose a ballot initiative.