Assistive Technology for Computers

Keyboard guards

The keyboard can be the biggest barrier to someone with a mobility impairment. A keyguard is a plastic or metal shield that fits over a standard keyboard. Holes are drilled in it to help a person with poor dexterity or hand control press only the desired key without inadvertently pressing other keys. They are available in a variety of forms to fit most standard keyboards.

Available in prices from $35 -$85.

Steady Mouse Software

This software makes it easier for someone with hand tremors to use a mouse. It filters out shaking motions allowing smoother control of the cursor. By detecting and removing shaking motion before it reaches your cursor and blocking accidental clicks, it takes the entire mouse experience from a chaotic battle to an enjoyable reality. It comes in three versions. Steady Mouse 1 is free. Steady Mouse 2 is $43 and Steady Mouse X is $127.