Assistive Technology for Dyslexia by Wired

Voice Dream Reader

Experts say this is the best app in the text-to-speech space. “It’s like a Kindle app for your mobile device. You can highlight, take notes, and sync with Google drive, Safari, email, DropBox, and other reading services,” says Wired.

You can change the fonts, colors, and line spacing, making small text far less intimidating for people with dyslexia. You can also use Voice Dream Scanner to scan text into the app and read it aloud. You may be able to get the school to buy the app for you, or you can access it for $20 with the choice of in-app purchases.



Because dyslexia is language based, troubles with spelling, grammar, and expression of thought are also challenges people with dyslexia face. Co:Writer came up repeatedly as the best writing tool for people with dyslexia and others who struggle with handwriting or the expression of thought. The app does a great job of recognizing phonetic misspelling, like blk for black or lfnt for elephant. At $4.99/month for students, parents, or educators, the price tag is small.