Assistive Technology for Everyday Living

Speechify will read for you!

This app will read all sorts of documents for you. Text books, manuals, books and more. It highlights while you are reading so you can follow along. It boosts your comprehension, you can take your reading along anywhere. You choose the voice, speed, and can listen on any device. Simply snap a photo of the text and Speechify will read it to you. Or you can save it for later. You can try it for free for three days.

Annual cost is $139. That’s around $11 a month!


Crafts with Finger Sleeves

If you find doing crafts or things with your hands difficult due to lack of grip or nerve pain, try using these rubber grippy finger tips. One set includes three sizes to fit different fingers. Good for sewing, repairs, hot glue crafts and more. Made of flexible silicone, easy to wash in soap and water. They are easy to put on and take off.

About $7.00 from Mr. Pen