Assistive Technology for Everyday Living

Handy Bags for Travel

The wheelchair pouch is designed for both manual and electric wheelchairs. Instead of hanging on the rear handles, it’s easy to reach up front. It is combined with an inner shell which allows you to use it with just one hand. It is safer and more durable to hold your personal belongings. The pouch has one compartment with a divider inside and is designed to carry important belongings that you need within your reach: Wallet, Keys, Phone, etc.

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The Handy Bar for Transfer

The HandyBar provides users with stability and balance while standing or sitting from any vehicle. Sitting parallel to the car when inserted into the door latch, the assist grab bar increases leverage to stand from a sitting position.

Easily store the 1-pound support aid in the glove box, door compartment, or any purse to take while traveling. Simply insert the metal tip of the HandyBar into the U-shaped door latch striker of any car, truck, van, or SUV

Available at for about $25.00