Assistive Technology for Everyday Living

HUGGER protects walls and corners

The HUGGER™ helps to protect your home from cords, hoses and wheelchairs and walkers which otherwise might scratch and ding their walls, corners, stairwells, doors, wood floors. The HUGGER™ is typically used to replace traditional Corner Guards but some use The Hugger along with their corner guards for added protection. It doesn’t move when you bump into it.

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The Autodrop Eye Drop Guide clips into place over most eye drop bottles and positions the bottle at the correct angle over the eye. This eye drop applicator holds the eye open and directs the drops, allowing for accurate eye drop installation. Autodrop has a special cup that prevents blinking by keeping the lower eyelid open. A unique pinhole directs eyesight upward and away from the descending drops.

For the elderly or those with limited hand/eye coordination, and/or with arthritic hands.

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