BluePath Website

Most restaurant reviews don’t include comments on accessibility, leaving potential customers with different disabilities to guess whether they can get in and around a restaurant, read the menu, and hear conversation while enjoying the food. The same is true for other retail establishments, hotels, and businesses, especially when one is traveling or in unfamiliar territory. At the same time, business owners may incorrectly assume their building is completely accessible, when relatively minor changes might vastly improve the ease with which any customer could access their services. BluePath is a resource that has been available to bring business owners and customers with disabilities together. And some big changes are coming!

BluePath is a completely free non-profit website and soon to be app, that lists details about accessibility features of businesses and services in 21 different states. The goal of BluePath is to provide rear information about access before arriving at the business based on the Americans with Disabilities Act standards. BLuePath is the only resource of this type that is cross disability and based on ADA standards and not pesonal reviews. You get real information about parking, the business entrance, restrooms, and accessing services inside. And the Quick Look survey takes about 10 minutes to complete and is easy enough anyone can list an accessible business they find from their smart phone.

It’s not just for the consumer. Business canmarket their disability friendly business to people with disabilities and their friends and family. They can find great resources on how to become more accessible, tax incentives and more.

A new streamlined look is on the way, plus adding a component for listing recreation, campsites and trails that are accessible too.

In America, 25% of the population have a disability or a close friend or family member with a disability. And more than 80% of people with disabilities have “walked away” from a business that didn’t accommodate their needs. BluePath needs YOU to help build the directory! Sign in as a Pathfinder and you can list your favorite accessible businesses.