December Idaho IL Newsletter


Living with several rare diseases, Sharona Franklin constantly examines disability justice through the lens of her multidisciplinary art. She seeks to reclaim digital spaces for folks with disabilities on her Instagram page @hot.crip

LOCAL EVENTS – Please join us!

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, around the world festivals, sporting events, community workshops and celebrations are being cancelled or postponed. We support these decisions but also understand the important role these events play in community life. They serve as an emotional connection to share a common experience, and they build stronger, more resilient communities. We have moved to offering our event experiences online and in person with Social Distancing Precautions in place. Be an active part and join us in our virtual workshops, peer support groups, get togethers and gaming opportunities. If you are jhaving trouble connecting, have difficulties with high speed internet or lack the devices that enable you to be an active part, please phone your local CIL – we can help! And be ready to return to our in person events in full force when it is safe to do so. We love our communities!

Dec 8                Mental Health and Crisis Intervention
Virtual Online Webinar 5:00pm -12:30 pm PT
                            Moscow Police and Latah County Sheriff

Dec 14            Monkey Vs the Organ Grinder – Brain Injury and Addictions
    Virtual Online Webinar 10:30am -12:00 noon PT
                            Washington Department of Veteran Affairs

Dec 17              Thriving Thursdays – YFP Symposium
                           Virtual Conference 11:00am -12:30 pm PT
                            Peer meeting with COVID-19 updates 


December 31, 3:00 pm –  Online

Join other young adults with disabilities at the (Anti-) Social Event of the Season! Come play Bingo for a chance to win prizes and meet others from around the region. All are welcome. RSVP to Molly at or call 208-746-9033 for sign up information and bingo cards. Tablets and wifi hot spots are available on request.