Food Not Bombs

   Food Not Bombs is focused on food rescue (going to supermarkets, restaurants, etc. and collecting food that would otherwise be thrown out, and taking it to those who need it).

    Food Banks typically collect from larger grocery stores, but until recently, smaller grocery stores and restaurants have had no option for distributing extra food. Food Not Bombs collects this food. Food collected from restaurants is the excess in preparations for a buffet or customers – NOT salvaged leftovers. After an inventory collection, it’s then distributed to those in need.

   Food Not Bombs of the Palouse is trying to decrease food waste and increase food security; offer solidarity not charity; and distribute food to areas where there are people that cannot get to food banks, or those who cannot leave their home.

   Food Not Bombs of the Palouse has been doing food recovery for almost a year in Moscow, ID. In this short time, over a ton of food has been recovered and fed to people. In the past month, Food Not Bombs of the Palouse expanded to serve Pullman, WA.
As the awareness of both the problem of food waste and this solution (which also helps food insecurity) grows, so do the number of volunteers, people receiving help, and the number of restaurants who donate. There is now an urgent need for a vehicle to facilitate the transportation of all this food, which continues to grow as new donors contribute up to hundreds of meals a day.

    Having a vehicle would help the group expand their reach and streamline deliveries. The ideal vehicle would have ample storage space and refrigeration so food can be collected, stored at the right temperature for a few hours, and then distributed. Sojourners Alliance in Moscow has already offered to cover the insurance for the vehicle.

   Food Not Bombs is non-profit and give receipts for donations that are given. You can contact them at:

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