You may notice a new look to the newsletter this month.

No one I know would call me “techie.” In fact I didn’t really do anything with computers until a decade ago. But necessity requires it today.

Some of it makes a lot of sense. By creating content for social media that is relevant, engaging and informative, you increase your readership or “followers.”

And data isn’t just a buzzword. To collect data in our line of work is necessary for grant reporting. And once you have that data, you need to learn to analyze it. And then you may need to make decisions relative to the data you analyzed. See where I’m going with this?

Don’t forget the website! We have several websites and still need to build another one. Websites serve as the initial gateway into a company. So housekeeping is necessary. Nothing is worse than looking at a website and noticing outdated information on it. So I had to learn basic website functions in order to stay on top of it.

Technology affects every aspect of our life, from social sites, to communication, to how we access information. So I have learned to roll with it.

For example, our computers just got updated. So that means learning all the changes that happen to the programs I use on a daily basis. And the one I was using to produce the newsletter was Word. Suddenly my newsletter template and the new program aren’t compatible. Things move around on the page, colors are way off, and some things just plain don’t show up!

Which brings me back to the new look for the newsletter. Now seemed like as good a time as any to upgrade our look to a new template. Same great stuff, just laid out a little differently. A new program to work with means learning all the little nuances, or as I like to call them, “secret key strokes”. You know what I mean. Just moving your mouse around on the page and you click something and EVERYTHING moves around!

So maybe this newsletter is a day or two late, but I had a learning curve to figure out.  I hope you like the new look. And if you have anything for future newsletters, let me know. We featured 19 guest editors over the last year alone! This newsletter is a great opportunity to give voice to information that helps people with disabilities live independently!

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Vicki Leeper