From the Editor….

During the darkest of times, I turn to humor to lift my spirits. Nothing better than funny memes, uplifting stories, and yes, even cat videos, to get me through these times. Learning to work from home, while also checking in on my high school senior doing his work from home can be a challenge, so I try to be creative as I stay at home.

I find I cook….a lot. It helps me feel more in control. But I also find I eat….a lot. This could end up very bad. Even with all this cooking, I haven’t changed my shopping habits one bit, so I am mystified at the lack of supplies in the store. Really? No brown sugar? These are being bought up by people who have never bought supplies to bake before.  (And apparently they never wiped before either 🙂

I try to balance this close proximity to food with a good workout on my exercise bike every morning. Did you know that Doobie Brothers song China Grove is just the right speed for biking to? I would love to be out gardening more but the weather has not cooperated so far. So I have been painting my bedroom ceiling. That has to count as a work out, right?

Then there is always crafts. I pulled out my Easter decorations right after St. Patricks Day and decided they hadn’t been updated in like thirty years. So I did spend some time reworking them. Only thing I had to buy was a bit of moss. For the most part, I had everything else. I even put together some grown up Easter baskets for my adult children using some of their childhood Easter things.

For work, it took a couple of days to get a good routine set up. For the most part it works well, although the ergonomics at my kitchen table leave a lot to be desired. And pretty sure I don’t look much like that photo anymore. Only 9 of my acrylic nails are left, and I have taken to cutting my own hair – this does not look good.

But like everyone else, bingeing on movies, checking out virtual games, Skype dinner parties and the like breaks up the monotony and helps me feel connected. Mostly going ok.

Except when I pulled my dust mop head from the dryer, warm and fluffy and clean. I discovered it makes a great hand puppet! Would I have ever thought of that before? Noooo.