From the Editor

Curbing Negativity

We have all done it – spent time venting about something awful in the news. And there is always something in the news to feel negative about. But research is showing that giving in to Negativity Porn does not serve you well.

Focusing on the bad things you read about on a day to day basis brings you and those around you down.

When you hear something negative, stop and think “How does this affect me right now? Is there anything I can do about it? And is there really any value in repeating it?”

Just about everyone likes a good horror movie. But let’s face it, a steady diet of nothing but horror films can start to warp you. So take a step back, and instead find 3 things everyday that you can feel happy about. Your outlook will become much better.

Quotes to Make You Think!

“You have to take action and stand up for yourself – even if you’re sitting in a wheelchair.”~ Christopher Reeve, actor and humanitarian