From the Editor

Aging & Disability

Adjusting to the ailments and disabilities that come with aging can be a difficult transition. It’s easy to obsess over what we have lost, and give in to the mind set of “Oh well, this is what it’s like getting older.” And although you can’t go back in time to a healthier you or wish away limitations, you can change how you think about it. We live in amazing times and assistive technology is growing by leaps and bounds to help seniors adapt and continue to live life in a rich and fulfilling way.

Find the resources you need to minimize the disability’s impact on your life. Contact your local Center for Independent Living and they can help. Knowledge is power and they have all sorts of services and information to help you take charge.

Perhaps you need to learn new skills. Like dealing with technology during COVID. We have the expertise to help with wifi, tablets, tele-health and social activities that can take place virtually and help you stay connected. I even spent time learning how to build a Wheel of Fortune game to be played virtually – that was my Mum’s favorite game.

Or maybe you need assistive technology to help with mobility. Refusing to seek out help can delay your progress or make you worse, either physically or emotionally. Having difficulty walking? Learn about the different styles of canes, or the proper use of walking sticks to help with balance, support and relieve pain. This can restore you feelings of personal freedom and independent living.

Low cost devices for helping with buttoning clothes, getting out of bed safely, using the bathroom, listening to the television, or even a reminder alarm clock that can be customized with the voice of the user to remind you of appointments or everyday tasks and medication.

There are soooo many options out there. And your Independent Living Advocate can let you try out different items and find what works for you.

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