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Vicki LeeperCenters for Independent Living across the country will be competing in a virtual Jeopardy game about the Americans with Disabilities Act. Ten teams have organized, studied, and rehearsed for this exhibition of knowledge on the ADA. Idaho, Washington, Oregon and Alaska Region 10 team is Mark Leeper, Dana Gover, Linda Clemon Karp, Sabine Rear and Mel Toy.

This fun event was created as a way to celebrate the anniversary of the ADA being signed in to law on July 26th, 1990. It’s a great way for businesses, State and Local Government, or anyone to learn about the ADA. “Questions will cover all aspects of the ADA,” said Leeper, “It could get tough even for an ADA nerd like me!”

Anyone can attend the virtual game. They will have a chance to take part by suggesting questions for the bonus round j when they register. Topics include Employment (ADA Title I), Facility Access, Public Accommodations (ADA Title III), State and Local Government (ADA Title II), Accessible Technologies, Effective Communication, Reasonable Accommodation, and Reasonable Modification of Policy and Procedures. Winning team will have bragging rights for the next year.

It’s free to attend. The session will have sign language interpreters and real time captioning. It may come down to who is fastest on the clicker! And contestants must remember to say the answer in the form of a question. 

The registration link is https:/ 

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