From the Editor

As the pandemic was taking a breather this spring, I attended to a few medical procedures I had been putting off, such as a mammogram. Never do I look forward to heading to the hospital to have my boob squished between two very cold plates, but it is a necessary thing to have done on a regular basis. 

Once there, I wondered how many of these necessary medical procedures and screenings are truly accessible. If I were in a wheelchair, would I be able to be screen successfully for a life threatening cancer? 

I posed this question to the radiology technician and was pleasantly surprised to find out how accessible it was in our community. The machine, indeed, could be lowered to a person who is sitting. This would require leaning forward a bit and raising your arm above your head. However, with a bit of advance notice, they can easily have two technicians ready. One to operate the 3D imaging machine and one to assist and support a person to lean forward or hold their arm over their head. They also schedule a bit more time, if it is needed.

I have no idea how accessible other imaging machines are in other areas. I encourage women to ask and make sure they have this kind of accommodation. 

Studies show women with disabilities are less likely to get a mammogram every two years, the recommended time frame for women ages 50-74. Don’t put it off! Find an accessible mammogram near you!

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