From the Editor…

A Fresh New Outlook

Lately we have been feeling a bit off. It seems every day is chaotic and something difficult is thrown our way. That must mean it’s time to rethink.

That’s why we changed up the newsletter this month. DAC NW has been publishing the IL Idaho Newsletter for 8 years now and have changed up our look a couple of times. Now we want to be more inclusive of our community partners in all of Idaho and Washington State.

Interstate Connections was born! A fresh spin to our look, brighter colors, modern fonts and simplified shapes. This new facelift reflects a new path forward for us. People with disabilities don’t want to stay in the background. We have a visual identity, we are bold, and we want to stand out!

Our new look is a perfect representation of where we are today and the values that lead us – inclusion, access, advocacy, and justice. But it also considers our history. The promise – Nothing about us without us. Why the new name Interstate Connections? It’s what interstates do – they connect people!

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“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination” — Jimmy Dean