From the Editor…

How do we lead, rather than push

People who acquire a disability are more empathetic in general. This gives them a perfect background for advocating for access, while still being kind and understanding. A leader is someone who inspires and motivates. The “push” approach is things being done in a certain way and monitored. Followers have to comply.

By comparison, the “pull” approach attracts loyal followers even from outside their own circle.

Great leaders lead with a purpose. The purpose is bigger than who they are and forms a basis of connection between diverse people. And first and foremost, they serve their followers. They do whatever they can to help and protect. Not only does this empower and raise the performance of followers, it motivates them. It makes them want to succeed. It is human nature to return such gratitude. They have a clear vision. They are not prepared to quit. They know the time will come.

We should all have a system for pulling in the right people. Who believe in what we believe.

It’s time for society to let go of feel-good alternatives and just say the word ‘disabled’ loud and proud.” ~ Maysoon Sayid, comedian with cerebral palsy