From the Editor

Vicki LeeperThe pandemic has seriously hampered my travelling in the past two years. But one gem to come out of the pandemic is the creation of virtual tours. Just about every tourist site has developed a “virtual” version of itself. And some of these online tours can be curated with a zoom live discussion. Invaluable, since I now believe there are a number of places I will not have the time and where with all to get to. One of those was a recent tour of Jane Austen’s home.

With two great tour directors leading us through the virtual walk through and adding all kinds of information and back story, it really was like being there. And I could participate in it with my sister who is located two states away – another plus! This tour offered a Q & A session, but with over 300 attendees, I chose not to ask. I am sure I would have been annoying in person, as so many things in the home came to mind as curiosities. Virtual tours will never completely take the place of the real thing. But for many who find traveling difficult, whether due to illness or disability, or time and funding, they are a great option. Be curious – explore history and culture. And give a place you’ve been wanting to see a try..virtually!

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“For most of us, technology makes things easier. For a person with a disability, it makes things possible.” ~ Judy Huemann, American Disability Rights activitist