From the Editor…

Vicki Leeper

Home Sweet can’t find a home

Being Fair Housing month, it puts finding a home at the top of mind. But, oh wait, it’s already been there for a long time. I’m lucky, I’ve been settled in a home I bought 30+ years ago. I worry about young people trying to find a place, even a starter home now. When I shopped there was a program called Fannie Mae that you could purchase a home with very little down. Then you could pay back your downpayment in about 5-6 years when you refinance.

Mortgage insurance was quite a bit less then too. As well as home prices. It was totally possible to purchase a home within the one third of your take home pay. I don’t understand how anyone can purchase a home (starter homes starting at $250,000) and pay mortgage insurance, taxes, and interest and have it be only one third of your take-home. Mathematically, it’s impossible. And yet, rental prices are nearly as bad. It’s time to take a look at programs like Fannie Mae and help out first time buyers instead of banks.

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Quotes to make you think

“Regardless of your ability or disability we all face challenges in life. One can see them as hurdles or barriers. Barriers are designed to hold people back. Hurdles are made to jump over. The choice is yours.” ~ Tom Moran, member White House Disability Summit