Funding for Home Adaptions for Veterans

U.S Department of Veteran Affairs offers resources for veterans who incurred a disability during service to get funding for home modifications. There is a variety of sources including a Special Home Adaptions (SHA) grant to meet their adaptive needs. These grants may be available to veterans who have lost the use of one or both lower extremities and need to use braces, crutches, canes or a wheelchair. Also, blindness in both eyes, plus the loss of use of one lower extremity and the loss of use of both upper extremities at or above the elbow.

Veterans who have one or more of these specific service-connected disabilities can use a grant for the purpose of modifying an existing home to meet their mobility needs throughout the home. The grant is currently limited to $12,756.

There is also a program called Home Improvements and Structural Alterations (HISA) Grant. Veterans with service-connected disabilities or even veterans with non service-connected disabilities may receive assistance for any home improvement necessary for continuation of treatment or access to the home, and bathroom. A HISA grant is available to veterans who have received a medical determination indicating that these improvements are necessary. And a veteran can receive both a HISA and a SHA grant. The amounts are up to $4,100 for service-connected veterans and $1200 for non service-connected veterans.

How can you apply? For the SHA Grant, complete VA Form 26-4555 and submit it to your local VA regional office. For the HISA Grant complete VA form 10-0103 and submit it to your local VA Medical Center. 

Some Area Agencies on Aging may offer home modifications as part of the services that are provided. Depending on your area the program may offer home repair and modification services on a sliding scale or free of charge. 

Private foundations and non-profit organizations such as Rebuilding Together will sometimes provide home modification services. Other organizations, such as the MS Society will focus on the needs of people with specific illnesses or disabilities. For more resources, check out their website.

Some auto insurance policies, or worker’s compensation programs may pay for home modifications if the disability was caused by accident or injury. And those who pay for the home modifications themselves may be eligible for medical expense tax deductions. Be sure to save your receipts!