Guest Editor – LIFE: Not Just a Box of Cereal

Hello All, it’s been a while since I contributed to the DAC NW Newsletter. I’ve been busy with other avenues, which are related to work, that have been absorbing a lot of my time lately. Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about all of you, even though it may feel like it from time to time. Ha, ha….I know, dry humor! Eh!

Anyhow…I came across a cool article the other day that I thought you guys might appreciate. It’s titled…I want to make sure that i get this right, because when I emailed Mark Manson to ask permission to share his article in DAC’s newsletter, I noticed after I sent the email that i wrote the title of his article wrong. I’m so embarrassed!!

Ohhh wellll…at lease he was gracious enough to overlook my mistake. I want to extend my sincere gratification to Mark Manson for letting me share his article. Thank you, Mr. Manson!

Are you ready for the unveiling??? Ok, Ok here it is…”
Life is a Video Game – Here are the Cheat Codes.” Just a heads up I’m only going to paste in some tantalizing delectables to give you a sense of his article. I recommend you visit his website and read the article in its entirety. (link is at the bottom) 

Mr. Manson starts off by saying “Welcome, Player One, to a strategy guide for the game known as LIFE.” As you’ve undoubtedly discovered, the game of LIFE is often quite difficult. You will face unexpected challenges and long periods of frustration. You will often struggle with self-doubt, feel overwhelmed by helplessness and loss, and sometimes take a sh*t when you’re out of toilet paper.

Yes, Life is hard, as the saying goes. 



The goal of LIFE is simple: it is to Level Up as much as possible. Each Level in life presents a particular challenge that you must overcome. Once you overcome that challenge, you get to move on to the next Level. The goal is to complete as many levels as possible. At the end of the game, the person at the highest level gets to have the best funeral.

There are five levels in life:

Level 1 – Find food, find a bed to sleep in at night.
Level 2 – Know you’re not going to die
Level 3 – Find your people 
Level 4 – Do something that’s important and valuable to both yourself and others
Level 5 – Create a legacy.

(just a side note, Mr. Manson does flesh these out in his article)

Life is a big and complex game. It’s the largest open world game known to date. We all begin with different starting stats and we’re placed into a wide range of environments that can either give us advantages or disadvantages.

But because most people have trouble conceptualizing LIFE, they therefore assume that they have no control over LIFE. But nothing could be further from the truth.

LIFE’s game design is actually surprisingly simple. It is guided by a few basic principles that are designed to give the player an experience of a large amount of randomness.

Mr. Manson also fleshes out the five principles to support his thoughts on the decision of life, then he finishes up with the five cheats.

I really enjoyed reading Mr. Manson’s article and I hope you do to! This is where you can find it.
And while you are on his website check out the other articles he has written.

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