Halloween and the Mask it Wears

    Today there is controversy between modern man and the legends, myths, fables, folklore, traditions, and ancient writings and teachings passed down through the ages. Ancient wisdom and knowledge is usually regarded as unauthenticated by many today.
   Even history is not a mere record of facts, it also involves the interpretation of the fallible. History is usually rewritten to keep in tune with modern man. Very few really care and express what happened millenniums ago on earth.
    Samhain is ancient history, and Halloween originates from the dark side of things and seems to come alive when harvest is completed in preparation for the long, dark, winter months ahead.
Beware of False Masks
   Masks are worn over the face to conceal a person’s identity, and lies are a part of the fabric of everyday life. Masks can hide the weakness of men, or expose our skills in society. For instance: women wear makeup to camouflage their self, as a form of seduction, or to be more confident, sociable and assertive. The cosmetology industry makes millions of dollars in illusions.
Halloween is based on an ancient Celtic holiday. People go nuts and wear masks to delight in their illusions. But originally people wore masks to protect themselves from the bad roaming spirits that walk the earth during Samhain. Does wearing a mask make one an imposter? Are we afraid that the world might find out who we really are? What would you do if someone pulls off your mask and says: “Oh, it’s YOU!”
The Halloween mask is very popular, it not only completes the costume, it allows you to transform yourself into another illusion or fantasy. People just love these illusions and many do not recognize the TRUE meaning of Halloween and what is behind the mask.
   In the Italian Renaissance, masks were very popular, allowing the upper crust to partake in activities that civil societies frowned upon. Instead of being ghoulish like the Celtic predecessors, they were extravagantly beautiful and contained jewels and gold.
   In modern times, children wear them as they prowl through neighborhoods anonymously begging for candy. The origin of tricks or treats is darker and deeper than many people realize.
This festival transitions from fall to winter when the veil between the world of the dead and us is thin. Ghosts not at rest roam the earth, and that’s why people wore masks, so they wouldn’t be recognized by these spirits. It was designed to keep these wicked, evil happenings under wraps, but isn’t it fun to scare yourself silly during Halloween? Besides, think of the corporate world making lots of money with your illusions. Trick or Treat…..!