Idaho Independent Living Newsletter – February 2021

Fred Riggers (1942-2016) was an avid hunter, snowmobiler and active in his community in Nez Perce in the Jaycees, Lions, and volunteer fire department. Fred’s life changed with the loss of his sight 25 years ago and a new chapter began. He moved to Boise and became an advocate for the blind community including spending two years in an appointed position taking him back to Washington DC for advocacy matters and becoming a fixture at the Idaho State Capitol attending every legislative session possible, health permitting. Disability Awareness Day at the capitol was changed to Fred Riggers Day!

But this year during the pandemic, we have created #FlatFred who can travel the state to find out what’s important to people with disabilities. You can get your own #FlatFred to create videos and images and upload them to 2ADA30Idaho on Facebook and Instagram every #FlatFredFriday until March 31st Tag your state representative and let them know what’s important to you! Email to get a printable version, or we can mail you one as well. Let’s see where in Idaho Fred Riggers will go next!