Independent Idaho – A Podcast on Spotify

Independent Idaho is a podcast dedicated to the exploration of all things disability in the Gem State and beyond. Independent Idaho is a production of the Living Independence Network Corporation, one of Idaho’s three Centers for Independent Living. Their mission is to empower Idahoans with disabilities to achieve their desired level of independence.
Currently there are 16 podcasts to listen to with more being added all the time.

The most recent podcast is with author Sean Spence, who wrote “Breaking Barriers: Disability History in the United States.”

There are also personal stories you can relate to. Like Blue Hadden, a ranch hand, horse trainer and hunting guide who survived a serious automobile accident that left him paralyzed. He shares how he is moving forward on an independent future for himself, including a career in cybersecurity. He has a unique perspective of being incarcerated with a disability.

Meet Cecile, who moved to the United States from a refugee camp in Uganda. She shares her struggle of growing up in the camp without a wheelchair. Or perhaps you would like to hear from a peer with the same disbility as yourself. Guests have various disabilities including blindness, autism, depression, mobility issues and more. And all of the guests are working to share how you can learn to navigate the world with your disability and advocate to remove barriers for everyone.

You can listen on Spotify or read the transcript. Just search Independent Idaho.