Let the Sunshine In

     What kind of things come out of a pandemic? Other than the noticeable fact of fear, sickness and the possibility of death, not much, right? Astonishingly, business owners can be amazing when push comes to shove in a chaotic time.
     For instance, businesses are supporting their employee’s in one fashion or another. Here are some interesting examples that I have come across. Aldi is giving every employee a 10% bonus during the COVID outbreak. Campbell’s is giving their production line employee’s a $2 an hour raise and their frontline employee’s $100 a week more. CarMax implemented a policy that if one of their locations closed due to COVID it will pay employees of that location for two weeks after the shutdown.
     The deeper I dig the more I find and to my amazement it seems to get better! Corning is providing its employees that cannot work from home additional compensation for the next month. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said he is going to find a way to keep paying his arena employees during the NBA shutdown. If Nestle closes it’s facility it is guaranteeing its workers 3 months regular pay. Plus, they are paying for their qualifying frontline employees an additional 12% for 3 months. So you see, not all is fear mongering doom and gloom.
    There are rays of sunshine if you look for them. Case in point – in the service sector Dominos, 7-Eleven and Walmart are hiring nearly 200,000 employees between them during the pandemic.  Pizza Hut is in the market to hire as well. They are filling 30,000 full time positions throughout their restaurant chain. Here’s a unique spin on things, Qantas Airlines is temporarily laying off people, but worked with Woolworth on conditions to temporarily hire Qantas employees so they can remain working during the down time.     
    Would you like more of that beautiful sunshine? Well, let’s grab that drape and pull it open. Check this out! Allstate is refunding over $600 million to its customers and American Family Mutual isn’t far behind, refunding $200 million. The reason being, their consumers are staying home more because of the outbreak. How about this snazzy pledge from the internet service providers across America They are pledging for the next 60 days not to terminate service, waive late fees and open WiFi hot spots to any American who needs them. Even Dominion is suspending all service disconnections due to non-payment during this epidemic period.
     So, you see, you’re not alone during this crisis even though it may feel as though you are. America is pulling together to help out its citizens during this time of uncertainty and need. Remember, it is a good idea to know and understand what’s happening around you. That way you can stay out of harm’s way. Just don’t dwell on it to the point where it makes you sick. Staying active physically and mentally will stimulate you internally and promote good health.
    ~ Peace