Life Hacks – Board at Home

What I’ve been doing each day to stay somewhat sane.

One. Challenge Myself Physically

I have been challenging myself to move my body a bit more each day. So, I am in a wheelchair, and I started by rolling around my kitchen 5 laps. The next day I did six laps, the next day I did 7, etc. After a week this got so boring I turned on the music and dance a little more each day. I am proud to say that today, I finally fit into the jeans I couldn’t fit last year.




Two. Challenge Myself Spiritually

Everyday, I reach out to people who I know are also stuck at home and I tell them a stupid joke or something. Not only does it make them feel amazing and not so isolated, but it also makes me feel amazing. I also TAKE phone calls from people because, hey, maybe they need to do a good deed for the day and who am I to deny them that?



Three. Challenge Myself Mentally

I have a job and now I am working from home without internet or a laptop. But as you can see, I am writing this article. I do not love technology, but I just found out about 3 new apps that I can use on my phone to write articles on a document. I make a goal each week of something that I am going to accomplish for the week. Currently, I am cleaning out my garage. I put in a couple hours each day. I should be done by the end of the year!