If you ask your favorite mapping app for walking directions it’ll do its best, but what if you happen to be in a wheelchair? Accessmap has information on curb cuts, safe crossings, construction sites, etc. Let’s you get around safely and efficiently. Only available in major metropolitan ares right now.



Google Maps now has a feature that lists the wheelchair accessibility of a place, and relies on users to crowdsource the information. Though not always accurate,  it’s a ‘roll’ in the right direction.


Love to travel? Do it with confidence using Brettapproved travel site. You can read or leave reviews of accessible places, or even book a hand crafted group tour with their celebrity accessible-travel pros. Or even customize an itinerary to create your own trip! Not limited to the United States, you CAN travel the world. lists accessible businesses in your community including restaurants, hotels, and stores. Can’t find any in your community? Sign up as a Pathfinder and start mapping businesses today! It’s easy, takes about 10 minutes and can be done from your phone. Plus you get a free window cling!



Accessible Journeys is a vacation planner that offers wheelchair travel and accessible cruises for slow walkers, wheelchair travelers and their families and friends! Go to places like India, Ireland, Peru, Germany and Holland.  You can visit the living classroom of culture and history around the world.