Amaze your friends with this funny video about a “Hovering Mouse”, a product yet to be invented. Billed as a way to elevate your game and bring entertainment to new heights, the Project McFly is sure to end with a surprise!


We all know Google comes out with amazing new things all the time, so this premise starts out quite credible. Google pokes fun at themselves with the Self-Driving Bicycle in Amsterdam. If only this self navigating bike could do wheelies! It begs the question why does everything that looks cool have to be fake!?


Have a friend who just loves “Ghostbusters”? Show them this video from Sony about The Proton, the world’s first ghost catching device. Retro fun if you harken back to the original Ghostbuster movie. Perhaps by using this device it can help Sony make a better sequel!


This fun make-believe device can charge your electric car using your cell phone! A great prank for your earth conscious friends. And while they are trying to figure out how much mileage you would get out of a charge, perhaps you can sell them a mini giraffe off the internet.



We’ve all seen devices to promote virtual reality. Google Cardboard Plastic is the first device for experiencing “real” reality. By posing this “fake” device, it might actually get people out to experience real life. And we all know if Apple made this product they would charge $599 for it 😉