Links Worth Sharing

Imagine a touchscreen you can feel. Tanvas uses electrostatics to control friction and create virtual touch. You can feel the edges of keys, the snap of a toggle switch, the swipe of a turned page and more. With a realistic sense of touch you can create dynamic textures that can be felt by the swipe of a finger.

The Hypersuit is a full-body immersive VR simulator that relies on arm movements to control the user’s “flight”. You can become a deep sea diver, or an astronaut, and it even has a fan blowing at different air speeds depending on your virtual setting. Used for gaming now, it could be used for physical therapy in the future.

Smartglove is a physical therapy training glove that uses gaming to promote wrist flexion/extension, forearm supination, and finger flexion/extension. Lightweight and easy to clean, it has a learning schedule that adjusts to the optimal level of difficulty as you play. Perfect for regaining movement after a stroke.

Everyone needs to save money and conserve water. Hydrao makes it easy. A hand held shower head that starts green and changes colors the more water you use. You can monitor in real-time your water consumption and the energy needed to heat it. Plus, it’s a color game!


Ever wonder how you would tie your shoes if you only had the use of one hand? This clever tutorial shows an effective shoe tying method that uses only one hand. The method starts with lacing the shoe differently, and works with either an odd or even number of eyelet pairs. Works well for tying a wrist brace onto one arm using the other hand!