Written two years ago, Renata’s Street intends to infuse children with positive attitudes that afford them insight into disabilities as a normal part of life. It allows them to realize it is the surroundings, rather than the disability itself, that keeps this group of people from integrating into society.

The Fairmore Foundation’s lesson plan on disability inclusion for children in grades K-8 is available through the app. These representations of disability will both uplift disabled children who tune in and introduce others to images of disability that encourage understanding and support for their peers.

Learn to Read, Write and Spell
is help for kids to learn how to read English and spell simple words. Targeted for kids Age 3 and above it is especially targeted for kids with learning disabilities like Dyslexia, ADHA, Dysgraphia, and Dyscalculia. A good investment to help enable their kids to study in a fun way.

Not Broken Radio
was initiated to have open and honest discussion about mental health and disabilities. They want to instill a sense of pride in those struggling, embrace themselves with their challenges, and find the right tools and learn to use them as a source of strength and personal power.

Accessibility Scanner
is a tool that suggests accessibility improvements for apps without requiring technical skills. Open the app you want to scan, tap the button and find items that might benefit from improvements. You can even make the changes yourself.