Links Worth Sharing

Wheels Of Fun
was founded by two families of children who use wheelchairs. Their fabric wheel covers are easy to install, machine washable and are an awesome way to express your personality and provide an individual look to you and your chair. These covers put people at ease and give everyone a safe topic of conversation. And they put smiles on faces!

Need a portable speaker? Boombox V2 turns virtually anything, a bucket, cup or box into a speaker using the latest and greatest vibration technology. Colorful, small and light, it’s powered by 2 AAA batteries so you can take it anywhere.


The white cane, the most commonly used assistive device for the visually impaired has changed little. But Lechal has come up with a simple solution. Insert the pods into your footwear, connect with your smart phone via their app and begin exploring the world. Like a tap on the shoulder, the gentle vibrations guide you invisibly but intuitively. No more having your head down, ears cocked as you look and listen to you phone to navigate!


Following in the footsteps of trendy wearable fitness bands, Glucowear is one specifically designed for diabetics. Using cutting edge, non-invasive methods for testing glucose levels in the blood, there are no more needles or painful finger pricks. The unit has a handy app for your smart device, that provides the user with real-time glucose readings and an eaier way to manage their logbooks.

Therapists agree, after the newness of diagnosis wears off, the goal is to further develop the individual – not concentrate on the label. Fat Brain Toys is a comprehensive resource for caregivers and parents of individuals with disabilities. They have products to boost development for things like stroke, brain injury, blindness, autism, and much more.