Winter storms won’t get you down if you make a winter disaster preparedness kit for your service dog. The website has tips for what you can do incase you are cut off from the outside world for days or even weeks. If you are without power, have the supplies on hand for your canine companion.


The American Red Cross has tips on staying safe during a blizzard, preventing or thawing frozen pipes, finding an open shelter, and what to do if you become stranded. They even have a free emergency app! Or try this handy video on thawing pipes.



Being informed about what to do in snowstorms and extreme cold is laid out in an easy to read Before/During/After format on this website. Covering any issue related to cold, it can help you be prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws at us this season.


What exactly do you need to have in your car this winter to keep you safe? Here is a complete list so a winter storm won’t take you by surprise. Consider the same list for your office, and prepare farm animals and pets with the essentials they will need during a winter storm.



And don’t let your preparedness only apply to winter! has a seasonal calendar to provide you with key messages and content to promote your preparedness all year long. From emergency communication plans to saving a “rainy-day” fund, there is info here for all twelve months.