Links Worth Sharing


What if you couldn’t hear classical music? The Sound Shirt is a wearable device that converts sounds into nuanced vibrations in realtime. With it deaf people can experience a classical music concert for the first time. You can watch a video of how it works. Well worth the view!


HumanWare is a source of great tech for the blind and visually impaired. From Braille tablets to magnifying screens that allow you to continue hobbies like reading, painting and more. For over 30 years they have been innovating technology to give independence in a sighted world.


Rethinking mobility in old age help this company develop the Scooter for Life. The developed a design to enhance the experience of our later lives to help people lead fuller, healthier lives as they develop disability. This design helps to remove the stigma of using a walker or scooter.



Ever want to go for a ride on a bike with your friend who uses a wheelchair, but what do you do when you get to your destination? OPair or the VeloPlus are bikes that can accommodate the wheelchair. Perfect solution for transportation or just plain fun recreation!



AllGo is working to change the hotel industry with personalized, accessible hotel rooms that remove barriers. From hidden handrails, and built in track hoist for using lifts, these rooms are stylish and accessible. Gone is the clinical look! Get ready to do some traveling.