Links Worth Sharing



Most wheelchair design is focused on users’ comfort in everyday use. Rolling Dance Chair supports dancers who can’t necessarily perform without mechanical aid. This chair has greater flexibility to move in any direction using a wireless connection and motion sensors. (Similar to a Segway).



One of the challenges facing double arm amputees is to wait for months for prosthetics. During this time they cannot eat independently. Remap has designed an eating aid worn on the shoulder that is easy to put on and take off via a blood pressure cuff.




Remap developed a wrist support to enable someone to still play the piano after breast cancer left her unable to support her left arm. The device is attached to a rail from middle C to just beyond the left hand keys. The truck runs along the support rail to comfortable support her wrist.




The US Hot Air Balloon Team now has an accessible gondola that gives those who use wheelchairs the opportunity to enjoy a hot air balloon ride. The new door gives the ability to roll or walk right in. Traditional baskets do not have a door.




A new powered mobility device coming out in the future is Mobi. It has an innovative folding mechanism that shrinks it to be stored and transported easily. Controlled similar to a manual wheelchair, it has sensors to detect the physical exertion and adds power to the wheels similar to power steering in a car.