Links Worth Sharing

What do you want to learn? Birding or Beethoven? Film festivals or photography? Whatever you are interested in Road Scholars have a learning adventure for you! These low cost, very safe trips make it easy for seniors to travel, even if they are alone. Rest assured every detail is taken care of for you.



If computers seem confusing and give you a dull pain between your ears, you are not alone. Senior Guide to Computers will help. It shows you the ins and outs of personal computers using simplified terms, examples, pictures and videos. Easy to understand English, not computer geek, is spoken here!



Thousands look to and trust Suddenly Senior. This website has a real-life, humorous, intimate look into what it means to be a senior. A perfect mix of Andy Rooney, Dave Barry, and Garrison Keilor, that combines knee-slapping humor and useful information.



Retirement advice right at your fingertips! Retired Brain is a comprehensive resource for baby boomers. Get help to plan your retirement so you will be happy, healthy, and prosperous. The best retirement has opportunities for continued growth!



For career resources for Seniors, try Workforce50. It has jobs and information to help you navigate your job search for a new direction. Search by location, or favorite employer. It also covers topics like life’s purpose, raising grandchildren, and more.