Applying for Social Security Disability benefits is a frustrating and time-consuming process. Approaching the application process with full preparation and a complete understanding of the requirements will help. Here are 10 tips for applying.



Becoming disabled is stressful enough. There are many questions and unknowns during this transition. When applying for social security disability benefits, you need to be prepared to answer a number of questions. For a list with some tips on handling the interview process check out this site.


Here are 9 ways to boost your Social Security benefits. You may be entitled to more than you think. For instance, did you know that even divorcees are eligible for as much as 50% of their spousal benefits? Learn the details about how to monitor your benefits.



Are you caring for a disabled spouse? There are opportunities to reduce the burden. There are many tax credits and other tax breaks for disabled individuals and their caretakers. Understand the source of your payments and determine whether they are taxable. Check it out here.



It’s important to understand your Medicare and Social Security benefits post-retirement. You can calculate your full retirement age under the law and see at what percentage your benefits will be reduced if you retire before typical age. Learn how to select the right Medicare plan for your situation.