Mindset Matters: How Disability will influence the next decade of innovation and shape the future of business. Jonathan Kaufman, a writer about disability in corporate culture, management and society, touches on technology and the future of work.




The Disability Innovation Summit will look at the global potential of the disability innovation movement, from products and services to thinking and research. It will be an opportunity to bring together global  experts and emerging talent to explore the future of disability innovation and its potential to change lives around the world.


Human-centered design is the foundation of this article on how to make design thinking more disability inclusive. It addresses the gaps in the everyday quality of life for those with disabilities to ensure they can fully participate in our society.



The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act was signed into law in 2014 to help job seekers access the training and support services they need to succeed in the labor market. They are in all 50 states, and provide local support to include this underemployed population.



Cities are difficult to navigate at the best of times, but for people with disabilities they can be like an obstacle course and a maze wrapped up into one. Assistive tech is playing a big role in the transformation. Check out the latest high tech solutions.