Links Worth Sharing


For millions of Americans, the Internet is not only their main source of news and information, it also provides an outlet to stay connected. iCanConnect is a federally funded initiative designed to help those Americans with combined hearing and vision loss to connect using electronic devices.



There are free remote learning resources for families and educators from Described and Captioned Media Program. If you have a student with a disability you can register for free membership and have access to over 8000 captioned and described educational videos. There are even many accessible videos without using a registration!




Many hospitals no longer allow in-person sign language interpreters during COVID-19. And everyone is wearing a mask so it may be harder for you to understand them. This website has many tips to help you communicate from smartphone apps you can use, to remembering to bring a placard that says you are deaf or hard of hearing. Check it out!



Want to know what color something is? Now you don’t need to ask a friend – just open the Color Inspector to get a descriptive name, like “bold brown”. Or use the Color Filter to shift colors that are hard to distinguish to others you can easily distinguish. The app is available for Android and IOS systems.


WeDrive is an online marketplace for people to test drive EV products. To ease pressured buying experiences or stuffy showrooms, if you need mobility devices you can get the power to test drive and connect with actual users. Simply sign up and find a Community Driver near you to request a test drive.