Links Worth Sharing


Living well with a disability starts with accepting your disability. Life Beyond 4 Limbs is a support and motivation blog for amputees gives you 8 steps to follow to start that process. Information on accepting it, finding the proper assistive technology, and supportive people can get you moving in the right direction for a healthy, happy life.




Making the adjustment to disability is the hardest part, it’s easy to obsess over what we have lost. The Help Guide website gives practical help to get you through a new disability. No matter what your disability, it’s entirely possible to overcome the challenges you face and enjoy a full – and fulfilling – life.



Understanding how someone else dealt with being newly disabled can really help. This Disabled World blog deals with just that. From emotional reactions, to other peoples reactions, dealing with accessing benefits and services to care givers and your own body changes, this blog covers it all from a personal aspect.



Disabilities and chronic illness can be significant barriers to daily functioning. For many, the biggest challenge of living with a disability is the way society responds. Thej disability is actually the product of society’s attitudes. GoodTherapy offers tips for dealing with diagnosis of chronic illness.



The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed a number of inequalities in our society related to race, gender, class, legal status and age. Missing from that discussion are the stories of how the crisis affects the disabled community. Arizona State University has an article about the cause and effect among this community.