A Bug-Out-Bag list is not one size fits all. But a great Bug-Out-Bag starts with a great list! This site has a list of 75 essentials to choose from. It should be a fun and enjoyable experience building it and knowing what you are planning for in advance makes it easier.



Every year wildfires burn across the U.S., and more and more people are living where there is real risk. Nearly 45 million homes are now at risk. By working together residents can make their own property and their neighborhood safer from wildfire. Check out here to see tips for making your home safer.


Many people underestimate the potential for wildfires in their region. This guide helps you learn more about wildfires and how to survive if you get caught near one on foot, in the car, or in your home. Valuable information about dealing with smoke pollution and explanations of the phenomenon of firenados.



People with limited mobility have specific needs to be able to handle disaster situations. Your evacuation plans might differ from those without disabilities. Prepare ahead of time and prevent panic in these examples. This list of 7 things to consider can help you be prepared.





Not near a wildfire but still dealing with the smoke? The CDC has tips on how you can be more comfortable when the smoke index starts to rise. Learn what the different numbers mean. Smokey air is a great reason not to vacuum!