Links Worth Sharing

Uppie is a space efficient, cost effective and modern stand-up helper designed for people with disabilities. It fits onto any toilet bowl and uses state of the art technology to lift you up. Gives you a sense of security and independence when using the bathroom. Easy to use with just two buttons integrated into the handle bars.


Imagine if you could operate your blinds from your smartphone! Motorized blinds are a huge hassle to install, very expensive, and have not really changed over the years. But for around $120-$150 you can easily install Blind Engine yourself and operate your blinds from your smartphone any where in the world. Or use the timer function.



A WeWALK smart cane uses an ultrasonic sensor to detect obstacles above the waist, and it alerts the user via in-hand vibration when these obstacles are nearby. This cane enables people to walk freely and securely, aware of things like overhead poles and street signs. And it can give directions via Google Maps!


There is a plug and play LED strip that can help anyone start playing the piano in minutes. It transforms any 88 key piano or keyboard into a smart one and allows you to pick from a library of digital sheet music. You can stop, slow down or rewind whenever you want. The LED lights guide you with hand by hand instruction.



Team Supreme is a new comic book hero group that features differently abled super-powered kid! From the talented Leonard Studios, they create positive stories for Nickelodeon and other customers. The Team Supreme use their super powers to fight for inclusion and acceptance. He is working on the pilot for an animated show.