Links Worth Sharing



It may be hard to imagine a fleet of wheelchair-using pirates but they are naturally well suited for a modern day treasure hunt. With cell phones as today’s treasure maps, and a social community teeming with support, geocaching is an affordable & exciting recreational adventure.




Learn about Hippotherapy! That’s using horses for occupational therapy, physical therapy and even speech-language pathology. Why the horse? The average horse walks at approximately 100 septs per minute and can offer an opportunity for complex motor learning along with motivation and social and emotional benefits!


Able-Outdoors is all about promoting access to the outdoor recreation, like hunting, fishing, ATV riding and more, to people with disabilities. Check out their ideas for helping you learn more about staying active outdoors, regardless of your ability level. Their magazine offers stories on ice fishing, camping, horseback riding all from a wheelchair. Get inspired!


Did you know there is an organization that helps with scuba diving for people with disabilities? Check out their YouTube channel to see people accept the challenge to become part of a world that has been barely explored. You can travel and dive too!


Want to climb with a disability? Here’s everything you need to know. This demanding sport is practiced by many disabled athletes already. Climbing, mountaineering and even hill walking are activities that anyone can do. Physically and mentally demanding, its a sport everyone can benefit from. There are paraclimbing championships too!