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Gardening made easier for everyone! With simple, portable, expandable Accessible Gardens, you can locate them anywhere – indoors or out. Transform any space into an engaging, productive garden space. With these easy to assemble boxes, everything is within arm’s reach, no bending or kneeling.



Want to advocate for accessible community gardens? Check out this page on the ADA National Network and see how others made this happen.  Organize, fundraise, and volunteer build a space to garden for people with all kinds of disabilities. Gardening is such a pleasure, it needs to be inclusive!



Want to build an accessible garden yourself? GardenTech has a blog post with pros and cons of different types of accessible beds, and help in building one yourself. For instance, a raised bed you can roll under is easiest for a person using a wheelchair, but shallow bed depth can be hard to grow anything but the simplest vegetables.



Don’t want to build it yourself? Consider these specially designed roll under garden beds with irrigation built in. They can be easily arranged in a circle or other shapes on a patio or back yard. And the hydroponics grows bigger, healthier plants. You can roll right up within smelling distance of plants!



You can make different kinds of gardens – touch and scent for the visually impaired. Or a memory garden for people with dementia, or even a healing garden filled with medicinal herbs and teas. Lot’s of ideas here for how to build the perfect dream garden for you!