Links Worth Sharing


Use origami for building fine motor skills, finger strength and precision. Plus it’s fun! Especially for kids. From choosing the patterned paper to folding and creating something new, its fun for everyone. It also exercises math skills. For three easy origami projects to get started with, go here.



Learning a new skill can be tricky. Learn how to craft your own paper mache from this natural recipe and get on to the fun part of creating. You can even make a paper mache ice cream sundae. It takes a while to dry so plan on two days for this craft.



Sensory jars are a great way to calm down. You can make your own from simple supplies and keep it on hand for any meltdowns someone can have. This seashell sensory bottle looks and acts like magic in these situations!



Everyone seems lo love glitter. With this easy project for glitter magnets, you will be able to create sparkling masterpieces that would turn heads at the likes of Sotheby’s. You can use them to organize notes on your fridge or any other metallic surface.


I can remember making a kite as a kid. This site has 15 different ways to make a kite, easy enough for kids, but fun enough for adults too! So go and make some paper kites and get outside and enjoy spring. Some use simple supplies like paper, trash bags, drinking straws, etc.