Links Worth Sharing

There is a website that provides resources on how to develop an accessible playground. In addition, if you are heading out on vacation and want to ensure you will have an accessible place for the kids to play, the site has a directory to point you in the right direction. Because every child deserves to play!


Planning a vacation this year and need to know how accessible theme parks are? Mobility Experts has a list of 6 exciting wheelchair friendly places to go. Amusement parks can be a memorable part of your summer. From paths to playgrounds, they are easily navigable. And some even offer free admission to those with disabilities.



Make your next camping trip accessible. Most State and National parks do a good job at making some campsites accessible. Things like a level campsite, accessible picnic table, BBQ and restrooms and showers. You can find more at Wheelchair Traveling.


Get out and explore by finding accessible trails in TrailLink. Although not all trails are fully accessible, this is a good resource to find what works for you in your neck of the woods. Most are paved Rails to Trails, but some are a packed dirt surface.


Paddle sports can have many wonderful side effects. One of our favorites is that a disability can be made to vanish. With proper support and equipment, a paddler with a disability can participate equally and independently of family, friends or spouse. Things like a supportive seat and stabilizing outriggers can make it easier to participate.