OneArmedGraphics is a blog by Robbie MacGillivray, an arm-amputee resulting from a motorbike accident in 1990. He talks about his life with chronic pain and disability and his interests in graphic design, 3D art and photography, and also home-based side-business. He also has a YouTube channel!



Competitive woodchopping with one arm? Nick is like every other Aussie bloke; he loves a good yarn, a nice cold beer, and a good laugh with mates. Oh, and he’s been a competitive woodchopper since the age of 10. But losing an arm at age 8 didn’t stop him! And now, 23 years later, he is still surprising doctors and therapists with what he can do.


For a recent amputee, learning how to do simple things might require life hacks. provides just such life hacks like how to put on underarm deodorant with just one hand. Think about it, eh? Lot’s of great information, including humor and pranks! Yes, people with disabilities have a great sense of humor.


Storyline Online lists tons of free children’s books read to you by celebrities that you can play on YouTube. Each video is closed captioned too! Put together by the Screen Actors Guild, this free resource is fun and functional for kids of all ages.

Learning to read is a challenge for almost 40% of kids. The good news is there is help. Reading Rockets is a website where you can get information about reading difficulties, getting your child assessed, and find help. Early help is the best!