Links Worth Sharing

Action Blocks makes it easier for people who have a cognitive disability to use Android phones and tablets. You can add common actions to your Home screen with a name or image. To activate, click on a photo to trigger an action like calling a loved one. They can be set up in numerous languages. Need and Android version 5.0 or later.


If you have trouble following conversations on Zoom, try enabling the automatic closed captioning. This will provide a live transcription feature. Accuracy is limited from many variables including background noise, volume and clarity of voice, and dialects or accents.


The TurnPlus is an easy to install, swivel seat mechanism that is fitted under an existing bucket seat. This will allow the seat to rotate and come out to ensure getting in and out with minimum effort. This is great for a variety of mobility disabilities. It can even be removed and installed in a different car!


Voice Access is an app available from Google to help anyone who has difficulty manipulating a touch screen. It provides many voice commands for basic navigation: go back, go home, open Gmail. And it can do text editing and dictation. Easy to install using Google Assistant!



If you have an Apple computer with a camera, you can try out the motion tracking interface on OS-X. It can be used in place of a mouse, keyboard commands, a stylus or track ball and can move the curser around on the screen. It can detect the movement of the human head.